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I wonder if all people see when they look at me is a car and a drivers license. Getting really tired of this shit. People just assume I have money to drive people around or to be at their service.
Getting real tired of this shit. But God forbid I say something, because then I turn into a monster.
Looks like I can’t have feelings and needs of my own.
I just need to get out of here, fast!!!

Posted on October 1 at 7:58 am

Dear fellow travelerUnder the moonI think I’m growing weary and I’m hoping you’ll come soon

becoming-rachelgreysummers replied to your post: Last night I dreamed I was becoming Be…

that sounds awesome!

Yeah. I can always count on my brain to ive life fantasies I probably will never be able to fulfill…

Last night I dreamed I was becoming Benedict Cumberbatch’s best friend.

Like it was weird as fuck and we were discussing books, sounds good, hey?

Posted on September 30 with 5 notes at 12:28 pm

i-mjackskellington replied to your post: Why is everyone on this stupid website…

You aren’t pretty, you are damn fabulous, and don’t let anyone say otherwise. Including yourself

Thank you!!

Posted on September 30 with 1 note at 12:21 pm

Why is everyone on this stupid website so beautiful and photogenic…

And here like a stupid potato (no offense to potatoes).

Why?? Why can’t I be a pretty lady?

Posted on September 28 with 1 note at 11:27 pm
How come you haven't wrote many personal posts in awhile? I miss youuu.

How are you?? And why are you so nice??

But to answer your question… I don’t know :P I’m just floating through life and trying to figure out to do with my life :P

But thanks :D

Posted on September 28 with 1 note at 10:38 pm

I’m hoping this isn’t someone’s ignorant definition of feminism that they decided to put there.

Let the person who did this tep in front of me and all hell is gonna break loose.