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Hey guys! I’m alive, this weekend was super cool.

David Guetta was fantastic, if you ever have a chance to see him, go!

Anyway, one must work not, but it’s so sunny out side and I just want to go for a swim D:

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This image exemplifies that idea perfectly. It was sent out in a Boston Marathon newsletter a few months ago, and it’s at the 15k mark. Desi Davila is over 30 meters behind the lead pack here, running all on her own.
But running her own race and not getting caught up in the pack paid off. In the end she caught all but one of that pack, and was only off by two seconds. She also ran an American record for women’s time on the Boston course. She stuck to her guns and followed her plans, and the result was amazing.
I’ve been trying to remind myself of this for the last few weeks when thinking about how I’ll run my marathon, but I think this is applicable in my life as well — I have a lot of friends doing their own career paths, getting married, settling down, and that … freaks me out sometimes because I’m not even close to getting that any time soon. But you know, that’s fine. It’s their life, it’s their journey, and sometimes the worst you can do is try to push yourself into someone else’s race.
Run your own race, and glorious things could happen. :)

I think this is also a beautiful metaphor for life.
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Friday is David Guetta day!!!!!

I’m 23, and this is gonna be my first Summer Festival with (some) of my friends. Don’t know if that is depressing or funny. Maybe both.

But, who cares?

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My Tumblr Crushes:namasteatbakerstreetdauntlessardorhowlingjackqueenblisschoosepositivitycas-the-angel-assbuttcalendar—girlimgonnamakeachangevalentinagraceAwesome people :D
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