This is my life, my journey through college, trying to live healthy and working out. Here you will find many things, personal posts, fandom posts, beautiful scenery, and many things that please me. Welcome, I hope you like it here.
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Michelle Spresser runs with morning bliss in the Sierra Nevada.
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Im done.

It’s hard. I’ve always been a good student, always had good grades. Taking my major wasn’t a walk in the park, but I did it with good grades, never failing at anything. Same goes for my first year of my master.
Now, Im far behind. I should turn in my thesis this october. Im not even close to being finished. I have, maybe, 20 percent done (if that). Im not used to this feeling of failure.
How do I deal with this? How do I tell my parents I need to spend more money to have more time…
As far as they know everything is okay, and according to plan. I have no Idea how they’ll react, probably assume I’ve been lazy.
Not entirely false. So far I’ve been blaiming my documentation for the delay, but the truth is that, I could, and should have done more.
But I’m just so tired. I’ve been studying for 16 years straight and I’m just so exhausted…
I just want to get a job and save money, change it up a little bit and then get back to my thesis.
But I just feel so lost.

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IT’S DOCTAH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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